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Camera Bag

I thought with the opening of the apple app store I would look for an opportunity to check out some of these apps and see how this app store was going to work out for photographers. The only one I have tried so far has been Camera Bag. And while I think this app for mac is a very nice, I think for the overall price of 14.99$ it lacks any kind of imagination with the currant set up in place.

The filters are interesting up after using the line up once or twice it starts to get me thinking that the coders should have asked for more input from photographers then just replicating what they did with the iPhone app. For the trial version they didn’t have adjustments or sliders or anything to control the amount of treatment to a photograph. Which would be a nice touch.

Also I did not test the color output for printing as im sure any serious photographer would want to print at the highest resolution. In the end I thought it was cool but kinda gimmicky. I think they have a lot of room to grow if they wanted money from me, But Im not against buying at a lower price, Thinking around 8 bucks would maybe get me to pull the trigger.


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