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Walker Evans at Work



As I have been looking through this book, I become more hypnotized by the work of Walker Evans. My thoughts of Evans work the first time I saw it was, why is this guy so revered? It looks like a third year photography student took these pictures. The more I studied the history of the medium my impression of Evans changed dramatically. It helps he was born & lived his youth in my home town of Saint Louis, as I think people always find ways to identify with artist they enjoy. While Evans was not the first to photograph in the documentary style, what made him a amazing image maker was his ability to approach is subject at “work” the image. Evans should be know for is editing and use of many different styles of cameras. This book is a must buy for anyone who is a fan of Evans. It gives much more insight with visual evidence about how this man worked, edited, and hustled his way in the photography world.




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