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Robert Frank

The New York Times recently posted some unseen work from Robert Frank the creator of probably the most viewed and revered photography book in the history of the medium. I sometime wonder what would have come of his career if he had stayed true the the art and not moved on to film making.






Great blog to follow

What?!? You say enjoy riding bikes, photography, traveling and social documentary also??? Then you need to follow this really cool blog!!

YouTube – Intel Visual Life – The Sartorialist

YouTube – Intel Visual Life – The Sartorialist.

Scott Schuman is a big influence on me, Not for what he photographs but for how he lives to be out capturing moments of everyday life at its best.

Hello WordPress

Just wanted to say hello, I am in the middle of moving this blog over from Tumblr. I felt this was going to be better for my blogging longterm. I pretty much post about photos that I take and sometime I will post a photo essay. My blog is pretty much about my work, whats going on around me in the art world, and photographers and artist that I admire and inspire me. Thanks for following, And to all the people migrating with me from Tumblr thanks for sticking with it. I hope to give you a better experience for it